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Solo at 7 1/2 to 8 weeks

Longrun N Jade's Party of One is shaping up to be a handsome little whippet!
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Solo loves his mama Dena! At 7 & 1/2 weeks, he is spending more time in the living room, playing and snoozing with the "big" dogs. He looks pretty big in this photo with Dena, too!

Dena & Solo snoozing

A day short of eight weeks old, and Solo has learned how to jump up onto the living room furniture with consistent success. There's no place for Dena to get away! She doesn't seem to want to much yet, but sometimes Solo's cousins could do without his puppy exuberance interrupting their naps.

Solo & Dena

Along with more time out of the puppy pen, comes house training. Solo is NOT impressed with the arrival (finally!) of cold winter weather, though! I bought him this little sweater, thinking it would be huge on him and see him through a month or so - guess again! Isn't he cute in it, though?

Solo in sweater

Solo is learning to "play well with others" and get along with all the adult dogs, but his favorite wrestling buddy is still his mama. Doesn't he look ferocious? You should hear how ferocious he sounds!

Solo & Dena playing

Dena can handle her little ruffian!

Solo & Dena still playing

I can't get over how beautiful Solo's face is! The rest of him looks pretty good to me, too. :-)

Solo, 8 wks, front

Now for the official 8 week photos - cute little pink tongue and all:

Solo, 8 weeks, side

-And this is the end of the 8 week pics. :-) He turned his head, as you can see, and moved his right rear foot up a bit, but this is still a decent shot of his developing thigh muscles - cute!

Solo, 8 wks, rear

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