Solo - 2 1/2 - 3 Weeks

It's amazing how fast Solo is growing - and that he can already WALK with that fat belly!

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See the pink puppy belly? Dena is taking wonderful care of her little guy. Solo is just over two weeks old in this photo, and it's his last day in the "whelping crate" in my bedroom. It's time to move to bigger digs - a wire crate connected to an ex-pen in the room where most of the dogs sleep at night.

Dena & Solo belly

Here he is at two and a half weeks old, in his new home with doting Mama Dena. By the end of the second day, Solo figured out how to climb out of and back into the crate, and totter around in the pen. On the third day, he got into Dena's water dish - and I do mean "into". ;-)

Dena and Solo - new pen

Oh, the fun of trying to stack noodle-legs! At three weeks, Solo can stand up just fine now, except when I try to put his feet where I want them to be. :-) Isn't he the cutest little chubby thing?

Solo, 3 wks, side

With all the "help" we were getting from Dena, this was a crazy photo session! I didn't realize I had his feet too close together - oops! I love Solo's expression in this picture, though!

Solo, 3 wks, front

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