Solo at 4 & 5 Weeks

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This is a delightful age, and Solo is certainly turning into a delightful little guy!

The two most adorable and wonderful little chubby boys in the world: my grandson, Aidan (4 1/2 months), and Solo (just shy of 4 weeks).

Solo and baby Aidan

Solo is his mother's son, all right! He prefers lounging on a soft pillow to stacking practice, and he has the soulful eyes to get what he wants. I hope that will translate to great expression in the show ring when he grows up - after all, he is his father's son, too!

Solo, 4 weeks, front

Four weeks old, loving the peanut butter on my finger, but NOT loving my trying to stack him on the arm of the couch.

Solo, 4 weeks, side

At  four and a half weeks old, Solo is learning all about toys and how to wrestle with his mama. He loves to be let out of his pen to visit with the "big dogs". Just like any little boy, he can hardly wait to grow up!

Solo & Dena

Solo at five weeks - behold the power of cheese!

Solo, 5 weeks, side

A kiss from the human Mom after the hard work of trying for good stacked pictures.

Kiss from Mom

Sorry these pics are a bit blurry and dark. You can still see how cute Solo is. :-)

Solo, 5 weeks, front

Solo meets the singing penguins - but isn't allowed to chew them. :-)

Solo & the penguins

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