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Solo at Nine - Ten Weeks


Longrun N Jade's Party of One - growing into the life of the party!

Well, he's the life of the party when he's awake! He's just as cute as can be ALL the time, awake or asleep. ;-)


Solo snoozing with Dena

Solo, 9 wks, front

Puppies sleep a lot, but sleeping - or rather: snoozing - is a very important whippet activity, so it is also part of Solo's training to be a proper whippet when he grows up. Besides, it's easier to take pictures of him when he's asleep, since that's about the only time he will stay still!
Here he is "helping" me with my correspondence at the computer desk. He's a very snuggly whippet, just like his mama, Dena.

snoozing on me

Dena continues to be a wonderful little mama to Solo. A gifted snoozer herself, you can see in the photo at left that she is personally giving her son lessons in snuggling and snoozing. This is very important, since he doesn't have siblings to make sleeping puppy piles with. Solo's cousins and Uncle Sal are also helping with his training in this area.
Below and below left are the nine week "stacked" photos of Solo. He wasn't quite as cooperative this time, possibly due to the fact that he was really hungry (to which my fingers can attest!), and was much more interested in going after the treats than in holding his feet still or keeping his head up to show the pretty crest in his neck. Oh, well! In the future, we'll try to get more practice in and take photos at a time when he isn't starving to death. Poor little under-fed baby!   ;-)

Solo, 9 wks, side

Working our way up from nine to ten weeks ...

Cuddle time

More snuggles with mama

Solo, 10 wks., side

with a boy who's very easy to love!

Darling face!

Solo is growing fast and becoming one of the family and one of the "pack".
When Evan's fiance', Leah, comes to visit, she usually ends up surrounded by and covered in whippets - Solo thought it was a great tradition to join in on! Above right is a photo of Leah with Spot and Solo on top; part of Hugo can be seen at the left, and Starman's feet at the right.
Just above is People's Exhibit "A" in the trial of a certain puppy wanted for stealin' hearts! That expression gets him out of trouble on a regular basis, too!
Solo's favorite snuggle buddy is still his mama, Dena, with or without jammies. Aren't they adorable together?
Below are the "10 Week" stacked pictures. Sorry, I had his feet a little too close for the front shot, but he wasn't in a posing mood. I call this the Leaning Tower of Solo. :-)

Solo, 10 wks., front


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