Burghley x Mazie Pups 6-8 Week Candids Part 2
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I just couldn't resist sharing all of these pics of this wonderful litter. ;-)

This weekend, the pups will be traveling with me to the Indianapolis area, where we'll attend a race meet and visit with friends.

Little Ming going for it -
Flying Ming
don't know what "it" is...

Dinner al fresco
more yum!

Handsome Colin

Two blacks, two brindles, too cute!
Line up alternating colors!
L to R: Ming, Gov, Jack, Colin

Gov pauses to wait,
You go first, sis!
as Diamond checks out the dogloo.

Ming found a nice stick to chew on.
Ming-Ming - too adorable!
It's totally unfair how cute she is!

Here comes Jack!
Nov. 4, 2009
Getting so big, one day shy of eight weeks

Colin and Jack looking totally irresistible.
Oh, you guys!

Being adorable is thirsty work!
drink, potty, drink, potty...
Diamond Girl

While we're there, the litter will be evaluated by Mary Magee of SaeSi Whippets, and we'll get some good stacked photos. Mary has a way with whippet pups! ;-)

Sturdy and cute Zig
Handome little dude

Pretty little princess Ming surveying her realm,
while Colin watches over her.

It's that old toy again! Moose grabs it and runs
Catch that Moose!
with Ming and Gov in hot pursuit.

Jack, Zig, Diamond, and Two-Two on the run,
Whatcha lookin' at?
while Colin sits and contemplates the tree.

Time to jump on Dad!
Get him! Hold him down!

Moose climbs on everyone's favorite puppy-sitter,
Solo loves puppies!
Cousin Solo. He's such a good boy!

Zig, Moose, and Gov wrestling with Solo.
We love Solo!
It's all in a day's work for a great puppy-sitter!

Zig, looking thoughtful.
Why is the sky blue?
Wonder what he's thinking of?

Go, little Two-Two!
Run, baby, run!
She really wants to be a racer!