Burghley x Mazie Pups - 8 weeks
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The pups take a trip to Indy for their big test! 

At the age of eight weeks and three days, the puppies took a trip with me and mama Mazie to visit Mary Magee (SaeSi Whippets, 1st Choice Collars) near Indianapolis, Indiana. Mary knows whippets! She graciously offered to evaluate the litter and help us with decisions about each pup's future. Thanks, Mary, for making time to play with and snuggle our puppies. We appreciate the sacrifice!

Pup 1, girl
Ming 8.5 weeks
Ming gets lovies from Auntie Mary

Ming, right side

Pup 2, girl
Such a sweet pup!
Diamond giving Auntie Mary a pat

Diamond, right side

Pup 3, boy
Jack is adorable!
Whatcha doin'?

Jack, right side

Pup 4, boy
Love at first sight
Sweet Zig, making a new friend for life.

Can't you just give me the cheese?
Ivan, right side

Pup 5, boy
Colin, 8.5 wks
Want a kiss, Aunt Mary?

Good boy, Colin!
Colin, right side

Pup 6, boy
Gov, 8.5 wks
Sweet little Gov

Gov, right side

Pup 7, girl
Tutu, 8.5 wks
Darling little Two-Two

Introducing: Longrun's Too Hot To Handle
Tutu, right side

Already a little princess
pretty baby

Pup 8, boy
Moose, 8.5 wks
Moose wonders where the cheese went

Waggin' for cheese
Moose, right side

The puppies impressed Mary with their manners, sweetness, and overall quality. We also visited a race meet and got to visit with more friends from the eastern part of the Midwest. It was fun!
One puppy even found his new family on the trip, and is settling into his new home very well.
What an eventful trip!

Ming is a fine little spitfire!
Ming, left side

Smile for the camera, pretty girlie!
Ming, front

Diamond Girl likes cheese!
Diamond, left side

Look into my eyes...
Diamond, front

Jack is a niiiiice puppy!
Jack, side

Jack, front

Zig is now known as Ivan
Ivan, left side

Adorable Puppy Ivan
Ivan, front

Colin is a handsome & substantial little guy
Colin, left side

Very kissable!
Colin, front

Gov is a cuddle-bug
Gov, left side

Well, hello there!
Gov, front

"Two-Two", now "Tutu" will be staying with us.
Tutu, left side

My precious Tutu!
Tutu, front

Our little black flexible flyer
air Tutu

Handsome Moose is a real sweetie
Moose, left side

Why is the cheese way over there?
Moose, front

Now that we have decided which pups we hope to have in competition homes, it time to make final decisions about who goes where. This litter has been a true joy to have around, and we want the very best for each of them.

This is always the most difficult part of breeding a litter! We've really been blessed with great homes for our pups in the past, and are praying we'll make all the right choices for these special babies, too.

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