Burghley x Mazie Pups - 10 Weeks
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At just over 10 weeks, two more pups go to new homes.

These are bittersweet times for us, as we let some of our darling puppies move on to new homes. Some decisions are difficult to make, but we always end up feeling good about the new bonds of love we see forming right before our eyes. We can't keep them all! Well, we could keep them all, but we couldn't give them all the attention they deserve. We're very pleased with the new households that Moose and Jack have now gone to be a part of!

Jack and Tutu strike adorable twin poses.
Too cute!

Jack, Diamond, Ming, Gov, and Tutu
More sweet snugglers
were also gathering energy.

Alex and Rachel showed the pups the "bunny",
Ooooooh, a lure!
and a fun game of chase ensued.

Jack poses in a puppy lead with Alex's help.
New buddies!

Sweet Moose models a puppy lead,
Good Moosey pup!
he's an armful!

Gov takes a break with Bill
Good little Gov!
to show off his new lead.

Jack laid claim to his new boy, Alex.
Buds for life!

Papa Burghley came out to visit with the kiddos.
Handsome Burghley

Even though we thought Jack might be staying in our family, that was not to be. He's part of his papa Burghley's family, living with Pam's daughter, Kathy, and her family, where he has a new mom and dad, plus a whippet sister and two children to play with.
Moose has a great new dad and mom, too, and a fun bulldog sister to show him the ropes in his new home.

Moose and Colin share a nap
Sweet snuggle-bugs
on their last morning together as babies.

-And we're off on a visit to grandma Pam's,
A swarm of curious pups
where the pups met Kathy's whippet, Ruthie.

"Photo shoot" time! Diamond in a new puppy lead.
Pretty Diamond Girl

Stylish Colin with Bill, struggling to go and play
Put me down, Dad!

Tutu sits pretty with Kathy
My little girl!
in her new 1st Choice puppy lead.

Kathy held adorable Ming
Precious little princess
to show off her new lead.

Mama Mazie looks lovely in her new lead, too.
Beautiful Mazie
Thanks, Auntie Mary Magee, for creating these great leads!

Moose loves his new Dad!
Kisses, kisses, kisses!

Special thanks to Mary Magee of 1st Choice Dog Collars and Leads for the excellent job she did on the great puppy-sized walking leads for the entire litter, and a pretty new lead for Mazie. A woman needs a little something new now and then!

I encourage you to take a look at Mary's web site when you need a new martingale lead. She makes them to order, plain or fancy, from the best materials for your pet's safety and your enjoyment: 1st Choice Dog Collars and Leads.

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