Burghley x Mazie Pups 4-6 Week Candids
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Our HOT little fuzzballs are growing fast and having fun!

The month of October is rushing by, and the puppies are getting bigger every day. The weather hasn't been very good for house training yet, with all the rain we've had. On the few days the sun was shining this week, we had swarms of Asian ladybugs covering our little old farm house and filling the air. It was awful! I hope better days are coming soon, so we can get these pups outside several times per day!

5-wk old Ming-Ming keeping warm & napping
sleepy baby girl
in a fold of my sweatshirt (photo by Mary Magee)

Colin playing with Dad -
sharp puppy teeth!
not Dad's favorite way to play...

The chill and rain can't keep puppies from having fun, especially when let out of their little pen to romp and spread wood chips all around the room. It's a blast to watch them! They delight in running, jumping, climbing, and squeezing under and between things. Is there anything cuter? All of the pups are thriving, fat, and energetic, with wonderfully soft coats - so nice to snuggle!

3 snoozing brindles, 5 1/2 weeks
stripes in their sleep
Gov, Colin, and Diamond Girl

Now, everybody get Dad!
Wild things

Jack says, "Hey!"
Hi, Jack!

Moose has the ball - ha ha ha!
Good boy!

Beware of the beastie under the footstool!
Diamond grabs at Zig

Eight little angels settled in for the night,
silence is golden
one sleep away from six weeks old.

Puppy links:
Please check out our "Favorite Links" page for more info on whippets, particularly the section titled "More important information for puppy seekers".  We have a questionnaire for potential puppy owners and a puppy sale contract which we are glad to send out upon request.  Send an e-mail re: puppy questionnaire or re: puppy contract: here.