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Burghley x Mazie Pedigree


Here's the exciting, quality-packed pedigree of this greatly anticipated litter:

Breeders/owners: William and Sally Long  

Longrun Whippets

Dow, IL 62022





                                                              Selbrook Brandy of Shalfleet
                                                Deepridge Martell
UK CH Deepridge Miniva

                                Tom Terrific, ORC


                                                                Selbrook Brandy of Shalfleet
                                                Deepridge Maxine
UK CH Deepridge Miniva

               Vitesse Muddy Waters


                                                                Ringdove Black Tuxedo, RCH, ORC, FCH
                                                Windyglen's PDQ, RCh, SORC
                                                                Windyglen's Terra, FCH


                                High-Tone's Sydney, RCh, SORC, CD

                                                                Ringdove Mr. October, ORC, RCH, ARM
                                                FC Windyglen's Vitesse Manon, LCM, ORC, FCH, CC, CM
                                                                Windyglen's Spuds McKinsey, CC, CM, FCH

Sire: “Burghley”- Hot Topic, WRCh, ORC, FCh  # HN00062405  b.: 05/18/2003


                                                                Deepridge Martell
                                                Tom Terrific, ORC
                                                                Deepridge Maxine


                                Shady Character, ARM, ORC


                                                                Malbon Redcent
                                                Lyth Watney
                                                                Lyth Dhu


                Nosey Parker, SRCH


                                                                Lyth Djon, ARM, ORC, ROMX
                                                Ringdove Quasar, SRCH, JC
                                                                Besaps Cockeymoor Queeny, ARM, FCH


                                Winsome Grateful Red, RCH


                                                                Tom Terrific, ORC
                                                Diesis, RCH
                                                                Winsome Solitaire, ARM

Burghley x Mazie  Longrun litter due Sept. 2009

                                                              Lyth Satus, ARM, SORC-III, FCH
                                                Ringdove Satchmo, RCH, ORC
                                                                Cockeymoor Geenee, ARM, FCH


                                AmCH Wheatland Cab Calloway, RCH


                                                                AmCH Chatwig Chinook, FCH
                                                Wheatland Mystery Girl
Willoughby of Wyndsor, ORC, LCM


 Wheatland Quejica Kezo, WRCHX-II ORC FCH  


                                                                Lyth Djon, ARM, ORC, ROMX
                                                Ringdove Quasar, SRCH, JC
                                                                Besaps Cockeymoor Queeny, ARM, FCH


                                Wheatland Frankie Sue, ARM SRCH-II SORC


                                                                Regalstock Amberwood Tetrarch, ARM
                                                W R Crystal Summer Energy, ROMX, FCH, CC, CM
                                                                Regalstock Mean Machine, ARM'78

 Dam: “Mazie”- Int Ch Longrun’s Amazing Grace, CRX-3, OTRM-2  #HP120836/07 b.: 09/21/2004


                                                                Am CH Hamrya’s Lucky Charm, FCH, SC, ROM
                                                SBIS Am CH Starline’s Reign On, ROMX, JC
                                                                SBIS Am CH Ringmaster Gold Fever


                                Am CH Windborn Take A Bow, SC, FCH


                                                                SBIS Am CH Chelsea Drakkar of Oxford, JC, FCH, ROMX
                                                BIS Am CH Windborn Blu Passion, JC, FCH
                                                                Am CH Windborn Chelsea Spitfire, SC, FCH


                Longrun's Holdin' On  


                                                                SBIS Dual CH Chelsea Goldrush of Keynote, FCH, ROMX
                                                BIS SBIS Dual CH Chelsea Made You Look of Sage, SC, ROM
                                                                Sage Simply Outrageous


                                Wyndancer's I Got The Joy


                                                                Am CH Patric’s Quotation, ROMX
                                                Am/Can CH Wyndancer’s Hidden Highlight, SC, FCH, CGC
                                                                FC Blaz-N Warm Wyndancer, FCH

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