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Burghley x Mazie Pups 11-12 Week Candids

December brings chilly winds, snowflakes, and puppy kisses!

The Hot litter is not really loving the cold weather, but they are loving the proceeds of the hunting season that came with it. They have discovered the joys of venison scraps and meaty bones. Yum!

The pups share a special treat -
"Share" being a relative term...
a yummy deer bone.

Adorable little Ming, on her last night with us.
Ming at 11 weeks
She's a precious girl!

Sleepy puppies

Look at those smiles! "Ming" is now "Mazy",
Love at first sight!
and this is her wonderful new family!

Back home, Colin and Diamond having a romp.
Go, puppy!

Solo keeps watch as Mazie plays with Colin.
Oh, Colin!
Can you see Tutu? I think she's telling Mama Mazie to "Get 'im!"

Our pretty little Tutu
Tutu is too cute!

Pretty Diamond Girl strikes a pose.
So pretty!

Diamond and Tutu make some noise,
Girls just wanna woof!
but it isn't a serious spat; Solo obviously isn't concerned.

Jack has learned that cats can be the boss,
Three amigos
and Data has decided the puppy is OK. ;-)

Another little girl has gone to her new home, so our litter is down to half of it's former size, but eating more than ever. Go figure! These pups are growing fast!

Surprisingly, it was little Tutu who ran off
to work on the bone, but her siblings soon joined her.

Colin, Gov, Diamond, and Tutu
11 week old babies
getting ready for lights out.

Ming-Ming has a new family and a new name: Mazy. Her family had been looking at our pictures, and were pretty sure she was the one for them. When they met in person, there was no doubt! Mazy is settling in well with a new mom, dad, and two little girls who all adore her. Who wouldn't? ;-)

Ming makes a new friend for life
New best buddies

Solo checking the perimeter of the pen,
Hi, pups!
on a visit to a friend's home.

Gov found a nice stick to bite.
Cute boy!

Gov also thought Colin needed a lesson.
Boys will be boys!
Go Gov-ernator!

Gov & Colin take a break from wrestling.
Time out

Playful pups get thirsty!
Colin and Diamond

Jack in his new home,
Settling in
with big sister Ruthie.

Moose is now known as "Devo". He played with
I'm as big as you - I am!
new friend Rascal on a holiday visit to his new grandpa's house.

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