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Since this site is hosted by Tripod, ads that I have no control over may appear at the top and bottom of my pages.  These ads have nothing to do with me or my dogs, and I may not agree with their content.  I especially wish to note that I will never condone mass production of puppies for profit, or the sale of puppies through pet stores or other methods where the breeder has no idea what the future of the puppies will be.  When I bring a life into this world, I accept responsibility for that life, and will always seek to insure that my puppies are well cared for, loved, and spoiled rotten all their lives.

Proud members of the American Whippet Club, Midwest Whippet Racing Association, Show-Me Whippet Club, and Greater St. Louis Whippet Club.

Dena in foofy collar
Dena in her "Jezebel" collar, 2004

(c) 2004 Sally Long. All rights reserved; duplication of any kind is illegal. No images may be taken from this site without prior written permission.  Site designed by Sally Long.  Logo designed by Mary Magee of SaeSi Whippets and Cresteds.

Longrun Whippets is moving to a new home on the web! We apologize for not updating this site for so long, but that's because we were planning the NEW site! It is still far from complete, but we are working on it HERE.
Most importantly, we are expecting PUPPIES! It has been a long time since our last litter, and we're very excited! Info on our expected litter will be posted to our new site a.s.a.p.
Thanks for checking us out!
Please bear with us as we develop the new website.

Welcome to our website!
Stay awhile and look around at our many pages and hundreds of photos. We hope you'll enjoy our beautiful dogs - we certainly do!
designed with the discerning whippet in mind!
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Specializing in collars, walking leads, slip leads, racing and coursing blankets, season panties, & belly bands - many items available in sizes for other breeds upon request.

 Some fun photos

Solo, Tutu, and Duet snoozing on a winter day
whippets on a couch
December 2010

Welcome!  My name is Sally Long, and I live on a small farm along with my husband, Bill, and seven whippets. The youngest of our eight children (they are all grown up - how rude!) has graduated from college. Where did the time go?  We are active in our church, especially in music ministry, and in events involving our whippets. 

We are a small hobby kennel located in rural western Illinois, USA, and we are crazy about the whippet breed.  All of our dogs are AKC registered, and some are also UKC registered. (That's the genuine, original United Kennel Club, the well-respected performance and conformation show organization founded in 1898; not to be confused with the shoddy pet registry, popular with puppy mills and back-yard-breeders, that is now using the same acronym!) Our dogs are all beloved family pets, and some of them also go to shows and performance events.  It is our hope to develop a line of happy, affectionate, beautiful, agile, and fast whippets that can be competitive in the show ring, and also in racing and coursing.  We are very blessed to have a strong foundation to build on, thanks to the breeders of the wonderful whippets in our dogs' pedigrees.

 After spending more than a year attending dog shows and other whippet events (including the 1999 AWC National Specialty), we finally decided to aquire our first whippet from Samara King and Anne Thatcher of Wyndancer Whippets.  Joy, Wyndancer's I Got The Joy (DC Chelsea Made You Look of Sage, SC x Ch Wyndancer's Hidden Highlight, SC), won our hearts in an instant, and was a delight.  We love this breed, and plan to never be without whippets in our home.

Our foundation: Wyndancer's I Got The Joy
Sleeping Joy's beautiful face.
Sweet little Joy-girl, how we miss you!

Borzoi in snow - our beautiful Smooch, March 2008
We love you, Smoochie-Moo!
SaeSi's Nation'l Nokout O'Abidjan, CGC - sadly missed

Mazie with her second beautiful litter - awwwww!
Love = Puppies
Burghley x Mazie pups at one week, Sept., 2009

Starman at 8.5 years. He always gave his all -
to chasing lures and to loving his people. He was the best dog ever.

Gorgeous siblings, Starman & Mazie at 9 years,
Starman and Mazie at 9
only a week before we lost him, but having a very good day. Oh, my heart!

of dogs that have enriched our lives:

Maggie and Dena having a drink in July 2003.
Sister Act!
The naughty girls - they almost knocked it over! Cute, though!

What's New?

  • Check out the "News and Brags" pages (see navigation bar at upper left) for some of our dogs' exploits.  
  • Labor Day weekend 2013 - The Bruiser, after a two-year wait! Tutu tried to defend her title, but lost sight of the lure in one of her ASFA courses. She still held onto NBQ, finished 3rd overall in the Bruiser, and won the Quejica Memorial.
  • In the 2013 Bruiser Veteran competiton, Mazie and Starman were 1st & 2nd in the ASFA Vet Stakes and also in the overall Bruiser total! So proud of our vets at almost nine years of age!
  • Oct. 2013: Mazie, was awarded BOS Veteran at the 2013 WRA National Fun Match, under judge Mike Slater (Rosewood Whippets), and Mazie's young daughter, Mercy, was BOS Puppy. Each of the girls also received  an Award of Merit. Little Jazmine (Mazie's granddaughter out of Tutu) also did well in the Match, winning the Baby Puppy female class, stacking and trotting like a pro.
  • Oct. 2013: Four-year-old new mama Tutu, made us very proud by finishing 30th out of 92 in the WRA National race meet, and 23rd out of 91 in the NOTRA National race meet. Mazie was the oldest racer to complete both meets.
  • Late Oct. 2013: Mercy thrilled us by doing well at the UKC Gateway Nationals, including a BOB over champions and grand champions and on to a Sighthound Group 3! Not bad for an 11-month-old!
  • Mercy me!!! Our little Mercy (Longrun's Mercy Me) has earned her first AKC bench Ch points with back-to-back WB and Best of Winners awards at the Edwardsville Kennel Club shows Dec. 7-8, in Belleville, IL, and even went Best of Breed over a special on the 7th, under well-respected sighthound judge Mr. Eugene Blake! Sunday's judge was Mrs. June Penta. We're very proud of our little girl's big wins from the 12-18 month class!

Mazie, back on track after her maternity leave.
Go, Mazie!
April 11, 2010, in Dorsey, IL

Happee and Mercy enjoying a nap,
Sleepy babies
at about 6 months old in April 2013.

Patient, gentle Starman,
Special Starman
and his little buddy, our grandson, Faylan.

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

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