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Spot's Baby pictures


Cute as a button from day one! 

More adorable puppy photos of Spot (boy 3) and his littermates can be seen on the two pages of candid photos of our second litter: page 1, page 2.

This handsome brindle guy has the most white of any of the puppies. He has a short blaze on his face, white feet and tail tip, a wide stripe underneath from his chin to the base of his tail, and a tiny spot of white between his shoulder blades.

Boy 3, one day old
Spot, 1 day

Two weeks old, fat and cute!
Spot, 2 weeks

Since he's the only pup with a spot of white on his back, he already has a nickname.  Yep, it's "Spot"!

What a pretty puppy tummy!
Spot, 1 day

Spot's spot is getting smaller as he grows.  Oh, well, he's still a special boy!  He's very sweet and playful, and as cute as can be.

Spot, 4 weeks

Still cute, and getting even louder!
Spot, 8 weeks
Wish I could stack him as good as Mary did!

17 weeks, what a chunk!
Spot, 17 weeks
This guy is a charmer.

He's already making plenty of noise!

Stacked Jello
Spot, 4 weeks

At six weeks, Spot weighed in at 6 lbs. 8 oz., the biggest (beating Hugo by an ounce), and 15 oz. heavier than the smallest of the pups. Wow!

"Aunt" Mary Magee checking out the Spot.
Spot, 8 weeks
Very nice at eight weeks!

Did someone say "cookie?"
Spot, 17 weeks

Despite the noise, we're happy to have Spot with us. He's a sweet, funny, wonderful whippet! 
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