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These little dolls are very photogenic! 

"Uncle" Smooch LOVES puppies.

Smooch and Boy 3
Smooch sniffing pup
One day old

Maggie's new necklace, Girl 2
pup laying across Mag's neck
one week


The two girls and boy 6 at the milk bar.
Puppys having a snack.
One day old & so cute!

Comfy? Girl 2, "Sweetie Pie"
snoozing belly up
One and a half weeks old.

Maggie and pups at one week
mama and babies
one week

This toy is bigger than me, but I'm gonna bite it!
Turtle biting nubby ball.
Turtle (boy 1), 4 weeks.

A picnic for eight
pups gathered around their dish
Six and a half weeks

Hugo and Mama Maggie
Hugo & Mags

A couch full of six-week-olds!
The litter at six weeks
Little Q, Spot, Star, Diamond, Sweetie, Hugo, Turtle, & Chrissy

The girls after their "Three Week" photo shoot.
Chrissy and Sweetie
It's hard work being so beautiful!

Their first semi-solid food - wearable cuisine!

Hey! This stuff is good! Yummy!
pups eating from dish
First serving of "puppy gruel".

Star (boy 2) in his favorite place.
Star asleep in Sally's arms.
3 1/2 weeks & sweet as can be!

The first non-vet outing, four and a half weeks.
pups in wire crate in our van
Going to meet Quejica's people, the Harveys.

Hugo checking out the camera case.
boy 6
No, Hugey, you can't chew on that!

Puppies are even more fun when you have a good digital camera! 
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