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Second Litter Candids page 2

Age eight weeks and up

Bindi (Chrissy) on her last night with us.
Bye for now, Bindi!
Wesley, Leah, and Evan give Bindi hugs.

Pretty Mazie, out with her brothers.
Mazie & boys in the yard
Why are they biting the bush?

There's never a dull moment!
Thank God for nap times!

Maggie and little Mazie: a mother-daughter snooze.
Maggie & Mazie

Growing up in a waggle of whippets!

Help! Is Hugo being attacked?
Hugo with bunny on his back
Hugo with the stuffed bunny - so cute!

A tired puppy IS a good puppy!

Now it's just our "keepers", the fabulous final four!

Fifteen weeks old:

L - R: Hugo, Starman, Spot, Mazie, & Sal
Line of pups after Sal
A game of "Follow the Leader" on a gray, snowy day.

Sweet, lovely little Mazie.
sleeping Mazie
A sleek, black whippet ball!

Sixteen weeks!

Evan keeps Spot and Mazie safe.
Evan with sleeping pups
Spot slowly slid more onto Ev's shoulders - cute!

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